E-Mobility Partners facilitate the cooperation between German and Dutch companies involved in electric mobility. In Germany we focus on the regions Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz. In Germany we focus on the regions Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz. The program is supported by the Dutch embassy in Berlin, the Dutch consulate in Munich and the trade and innovation agencies of the Dutch government and the mentioned German states. Please, have a look at our 'Participants and Partners' page for a full overview of the parties involved. The participants of E-Mobility Partners join forces in three electric vehicle (EV) focus areas: charging infrastructure, urban mobility and heavy-duty EV.

Charging Infrastructure

With over 90.000 EV’s charged a day, the Netherlands is running one of the largest and most advanced charging infrastructures of the world. Based on this network, the participants of E-Mobility Partners active in this field - ElaadNL, GreenFlux , Chargepoint, AutomotiveBusinessCenter/Experian, APPM and FIER Automotive - have the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to build a charging infrastructure with facilities at the right locations with the right technology and business models. These companies also have experience with new technological developments such as fast charging and 'vehicle to grid' or 'smart' charging.

Contact: Edwin Bestebreurtje ( ebestebreurtje@fier.net), FIER Automotive and Program Manager E-Mobility Partners South West Germany

Urban Mobility

Cities in North-West Europe are struggling with the challenge to reduce traffic and CO2 emissions. Light electric vehicles (LEV's) and new mobility concepts are an important part of the solution, as many pilots and projects show in cities across Germany and the Netherlands. E-Mobility Partners are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Members of E-Mobility Partners specialised in LEV's are Trikke Europe, Stint, DOET, APPM and Dutch Incert. E-Car sharing is a concept many governments, public-private institutes, larger companies and vehicle OEM's or car producers are looking at. Such programs aim to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and replace conventional cars with electric vehicles. E-Mobility Partners' experts in this field are eCARSHARE and DOET.

Contact: Flip Oude Weernink (foudeweernink@fier.net), FIER Automotive

Heavy Duty EV

To reduce CO2 emissions in cities or densely populated areas, heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and busses can be electrified. Our partners have already brought working concepts to the market. At the same time companies and authorities on both sides of the border are accelerating the integration of heavy duty EV's by introducing new concepts. However, further development and cooperation is required to achieve economic and technical feasibility. Bringing German and Dutch expertise together, E-Mobility Partners have the ambition to further develop the market for heavy-duty EV's. Important topics to be explored are charging infrastructure, grid, ICT-infrastructure, new mobility services and training and education. The members of E-Mobility Partners with experience in this field are EMOSS, BOM/AutomotiveCampus, Innovam and FIER Automotive.

Contact: Rob Kroon (rkroon@fier.net), FIER Automotive