Munich, 23 February 2017

Domagkpark in Munich is 'living lab'

The Domagkpark in Munich is a 'living lab' for sustainable mobility solutions, the members of E-Mobility Partners found out. They visited the place during the trade mission of Amsterdam and Utrecht to Bavaria from 11 until 14 February 2017.

The Domagkpark is a redevelopment in the city centre of Munich, where 1.700 houses are planned to be build around an artists colony, which is now providing aplatform forthe 'living lab' in Domagkpark. The artists established an communeat the former barracks after the German army left the site.

'I liked the round table conferences organised at the Domagkpark, where parties such as Siemens and ‘ Stadtwerke München ’ joined the discussion', recalls Edwin Renzen of Stint - an electric mobility solution for parcels and equipment - the event he most enjoyed during the mission.

Renzen: 'In Domagkpark, which is a ‘living lab’ for sustainable mobility solutions such as electric car and bike sharing, I talked with several people interested in creating smart and sustainable cities. For me, this was very interesting. Because this really matches with the ambitions of Stint, which is providing smart and light transport solutions for a safer and cleaner urban environment.'


The network event eMonday on 13 February in Munich proved to be a great success for Eric van Voorden of Last Mile Solutions. 'We are already following-up with two companies I have met there, of which one is active in charging infrastructure and the other supplies 100% electric power trains to car manufacturers.'

German cities such as Regensburgfocus very much on installing charging poles, Van Voorden noticed when the delegation of the trade mission visited the city. However, an integrated back-office with interoperability and billing for both German and non-German EV-users, which allows every car owner to use the local charging infrastructure, is not yet in place or part of the plans of the 'Stadtwerke'.

Van Voorden: 'It’s very interesting to see this market, which is the main focus of our business, will soon take off now.'

Economic Impact

Mark van Kerkhof, Managing Consultant of Dutch consultancy firm APPM, observed during the trade mission people in the Munich region seem to be worried about the possible economic impact of the introduction of sustainable mobility. As a result, they are reluctant to introduce new technologies and are still considering their own role in the transformation process ahead.

Van Kerkhof: 'Which is understandable, of course. Many jobs in the automotive industry, which employs many people in the region, become obsolete due to the introduction of electric cars.'

Dutch cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht already have quite a lot hands-on experience with the introduction of sustainable mobility solutions. Which makes expertise from The Netherlands useful for policy makers in Southwest-Germany, Van Kerkhof argues.

'Anticipating on this, we are opening an office in Germany in the summer of 2017. We want to start with one local German speaking consultant supported by our experts in The Netherlands.'

Photo: Nagy / Presseamt München

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