Helmond-Aachen, 30 October 2017

Partnership II: Thought Leaders Team-Up

Two experts in e-mobility, FIER Automotive and APPM management consultants, team-up. The international thought leaders already worked together in countries such as Norway and the United States. As members of E-Mobility Partners they will intensify their cooperation in Germany.

'We recently opened an office in Aachen, from where we want to expand our activities into Germany. However, operating under the name 'Neufahrt' we plan to focus our activities in the state North Rhine-Westphalia.' For APPM, consultant Harm-Jan Idema emphasises, the new office in Germany is an important step in the European strategy of the company. APPM has three offices in the Netherlands and one in Belgium where 'The New Drive' is an APPM sister company.

FIER Automotive will be a close and important partner for APPM in the German market. Both consultancy firms operate in the international 'champions league' of experts in the field of electric mobility. Among many other activities, they organised together outbound missions for Dutch and local companies. 'We also organise missions in Germany, for example in October 2017 when we co-hosted a trip to Southwest-Germany for companies from the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant and Forth , an Oregon (USA) based non-profit platform for e-Mobility', Edwin Bestebreurtje of FIER Automotive explains.


APPM and FIER Automotive focus their cooperation in Germany on municipalities, or in German 'Kommune'. These local governments lead the development and implementation of the charging infrastructure EVs need, a field of expertise in which APPM and FIER Automotive are international frontrunners.

Bestebreurtje: 'In terms of charging infrastructure and e-mobility, the Netherlands are ahead of Germany. For example, the Netherlands developed an open source platform for charging stations which allows electric cars to be charged throughout the country. In Germany usually each municipality develops its own system, which makes charging outside your hometown or region almost impossible.'

By teaming-up and using their hands on and advanced experience, APPM and FIER Automotive guide 'Kommune' through the whole decision making process of developing new charging infrastructure and introducing EVs. Idema: 'For example, when governments plan to implement electric buses for public transport it's important to know as early as possible the 'total cost of ownership' of such a fleet. Working together, APPM and FIER Automotive can not just advise on the public policies and processes needed for such an ambition. We can also directly make a brake-down of maintenance and operation costs of the electric bus fleet and advise on whether the plan or policy is feasible or not.'


The backgrounds of both partners complement each other nicely, APPM and FIER Automotive have experienced before. In the Netherlands APPM is active in markets such as real estate, infra structure and spatial development. This allows the consultancy firm to introduce quite a large scope of know-how and expertise into the partnership. Idema: 'However, internationally we have a strong track record in developing policies and business cases for e-mobility.'

FIER Automotive has a background in the mobility industry, as a result the organisation has been involved in several major European research projects. The company was for example initiator and partner of I-CVUE , a European research project on incentives governments developed to encourage the use and adoption of EVs.

Bestebreurtje: 'FIER Automotive calculated several business cases for FREVUE, a European project in which full electric trucks are used for city logistics as pilots in eight major European cities. These projects, and our long standing experience as a business developer in the automotive industry, allow us to enrich the expertise of APPM. Our partnership is not only unique. Together we are also a leading international expert in implementing e-mobility policies.'

Photo: Pixabay

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